Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Won!

I entered a contest online a while back, and I actually won something. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Couture Baby Giveaway

Well, since I am surrounded by pregnant women, I thought I would let you all know about an awesome giveaway.  Head on over to Finding Joy in the Journey to enter the giveaway for a personalized onesie from The Couture Baby.  They have some super cute stuff!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Help Whip Cancer

Through its Help Whip Cancer® campaign, The Pampered Chef® joins forces with the American Cancer Society® to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer education and early detection programs. Throughout May, Pampered Chef® Consultants raise money from the sale of exclusive pink products, hold Fundraiser Cooking Shows and tell others about the importance of regular breast cancer screenings and checkups.

This is a cause that I feel very passionately about.  This affects women everywhere...mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts...  We need to do everything we can to help find a cure. 

If you are interested in helping this cause, please let me know.  You can go to my website and order exclusive pink products available only during May, or you can host a Help Whip Cancer fundraiser show where up to 25% of the sales will be donated to the ACS for breast cancer research and early detection programs.  I am even donating all of my profits this month to this wonderful cause.  Please join the fight against breast cancer!

My Little Meddler

Daniel likes to dig in cabinets...especially our bathroom cabinets.  I don't think I need to say anything else.

He likes Post-its too.

Splash Park Fun

Last Friday we went to the Splash Park in Gonzales with our playgroup.  Daniel had a blast!  He was a little wary of the water at first, but after I held him in the sprinklers, he was good to go.  He was running around checking everything out and was still a little nervous...he would run through if he had a hand to hold.  The best's FREE!!  I can see us spending a lot of time here this summer!

This is the aftermath...he pooped out just a few minutes down the road.

Food Network Magazine... my socks!  The latest issue has a special section on burgers, and from the moment I saw them, I knew I had to try them!  We made the "Dallas Burger" last night, and it was delish!  Even Adam "I don't eat coleslaw" Huddleston liked it...and brought leftovers for lunch today!  It is a burger covered with BBQ sauce (we made Bobby Flay's recipe), then homemade coleslaw(also Bobby's recipe) and pickles on a bun.  It was so yummy!  

Hmmm...seems like I have been posting about food quite a lot lately.  I will have to work on that!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zeppoli and Strawberries

Zeppoli are my new favorite thing.  Don't know what they are?  If you have an Olive Garden near you, go find out!!  According to their menu, they are "Soft, traditional Italian doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar, served with chocolate sauce for dipping."  I have a better definition...HEAVEN!  Daniel and I went to Olive Garden with my sister and brother-in-law last night and got some zeppoli to bring home for dessert...because I am obsessed.  Between last night and today around noon, I ate them all--by myself.  I didn't even share with Daniel, much less Adam or my sis or BIL.  I know what you are could you eat all that by yourself?!?!  TRY THEM!  That sweet, doughy goodness is just as good the next day! Diet = in the trash, Zeppoli = in my tummy = pure bliss!!!  Anyway, I scarfed them down so fast, that I barely used any of the chocolate sauce...but don't worry!  I put that stuff to good use with the LOUISIANA strawberries I bought today.

Disclaimer:  These heavenly nuggets are quite addictive...We have ordered them twice, and Adam has yet to taste of their yummy goodness.  You have been warned!

Free 8x10 Photo and Chicken

Today only!!  Free 8x10 photo from .  Use the coupon code MOTHER.  Just in time for Mother's Day.  I am getting this one...thanks Jane!

Also, go to and print your coupon for a free 2 pc. grilled chicken meal complete with two sides...enjoy!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Three New Additions

Yesterday we received three new additions to the family!  Adam's sister Ali gave birth to baby Kaleb around 3am yesterday morning.  Adam's sister Kristin and her husband Steve became foster parents to two beautiful 19 month old twin boys yesterday afternoon.  Congrats to everyone!!!  We have pictures of the twins who came to visit last night, but little Kaleb lives in Oregon, so we don't have any pictures of him yet.

This is Michael and Daniel playing in the ball pit.

This is Michael.
And Connor.
I think Daniel was a little jealous...but he was having fun too!

15 month stats...

We went to the doctor today for Daniel's 15 month checkup.  He started screaming the second the nurse came in to measure him, and it only got worse when the doctor walked in!  Everything looks good...he only gained a pound since we were there last.  He weighed 24lbs 4.5oz (55th percentile), he is 31 and 3/4 inches long (75th percentile), and I don't remember the measurement of his noggin, but it was big--95th percentile!  In short, my big head baby boy is doing great!