Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Birthday...the final chapter

This past Saturday, we went to my mom's house to celebrate Daniel's birthday for the third and final time. He was so excited! He got a fun little push toy from Gigi...he spent the entire day walking around the house and backyard pushing that thing around!
Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jake gave him this cool rocking zebra that he can sit on. Needless to say there was cake too! I think Daniel has had more cake in the past week than anyone should in their first 3 years of life!!! He got his own little "smash" cake to play with.
Daniel and his Gigi.

Sweet birthday boy.

The adults played horseshoes in the backyard...I got better by the time the fifth game rolled around! All in all, it was a good day. Daniel was so tired that he fell asleep before we made it out of the neighborhood! Happy first birthday my sweet boy!

Muddy Madames

My friend Maggi and I decided to do the Dirty Diva Adventure Run as a team. The race consisted of a 3 mile-ish course with some obstaces along the way. The first was and NFL-style tire run. Next, you had to crab walk through a muddy puddle. Then, you had to crawl through water under a row of beach balls. Then came the hay...we had to jump over a large bale of hay and hop a few small hay hurdles. Then army crawling through a sand pit. And the grand finale.....we had to put on a pair of extra large tighty whities and run through the finishing chute!! We had a blast! They will be doing the race again in the fall, and you can bet I will be there.

When we first got to the race venue, it didn't take long for Adam's inner child to emerge...he went and signed up for the race too!! He had a great time too! Check out those tighy whities!!! :-P