Sunday, December 20, 2009 Pictures

These are from Celebration In the Oaks in New Orleans. We went with Gigi and Poppy. The whole ride there we had been telling Daniel about the choo choo train that he was going to ride....he is obsessed with trains, so he was very excited. He kept saying, "Ride choo choo train....we go ride choo choo train." Well, we get there, and due to the ridiculous amount of rain we have had, the train wasn't running. My heart sank, and I wondered what I would tell Daniel...I dreaded having to tell him. I was able to stall with a few rides on the carousel. Still wondering how to tell him, we walked past the little ladybug roller coaster, and I got an idea. But, as I was reading the sign, I saw he was too short, and my hopes were dashed. I was telling Daniel we couldn't ride because he was too short, and the an running the ride said he could go as long as a parent went with him. Hallelujah!!!!! We headed for our "train" ride, and Daniel had a blast! Thank goodness for roller coasters!

This is my Obi-Wan-Ke-Daniel.

Chillin' during the Saints game. mom's cat.

My cute on the swing.

Hey Jealousy.....sitting in Halle's carseat.

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