Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well, my ultrasound wasn't scheduled until September 25th, but I just couldn't wait!! There is a place on Jefferson Hwy. where you can go and have an ultrasound (even the cool 4D ones), so I just had to do it last Friday. And the verdict is in. it's a...........BOY!!!!!! We are so excited! I just knew it was a boy, but Adam thought it was a girl. He is very excited that he is having a boy first. This little boy is an LSU fan already!! We went to the game vs. Middle Tennessee on Saturday, and he was kicking everytime LSU did something good or everytime the band played!!! We still haven't settled on a name, but we still have some time for that. We will definitely keep you guys posted!

The first picture shows him curled up napping with a bunch of placenta like a body pillow and his little arm covering his face...yes, he was napping! the tech kept poking my stomach trying to get him the wake up so we could see his face, but he wasn't having it! The second picture shows his manhood, and the third picture shows him curled up napping can really see his spine!