Friday, November 12, 2010

Pet Peeve

I really hate blog giveaways that have 10,000 ways to earn extra entries. What if I don't have a Twitter account? Or if I don't want to comment on another post? Or follow your friend's blog? Or vote for your husband's co-worker's friend's cousin-once-removed's whatever in a contest? Why can't everyone just enter once and take their chances?

By the way, I just won a giveaway where I "earned" 4 such extra entries..... :-P


Jessica said...

i have a love/hate relation with those contests.
i offer lots of options, but really don't care what you do to enter. i figure if you are going to sit there and jump through hoops (or at least pretend you did and leave a ton of comments about your tales) then more power (and entries) to you.
though lately i have not done giveaways for others...i don't find that it brings me the kind of readers that stick around most of the time. i want readers who (sometimes) care about what i have to say, not just a big # of "friends" b/c i had a contest for something you wanted, kwim?

Anne-Marie said...

that is so funny