Friday, September 4, 2009

Open For Business!!

My sister, Michelle, and I have decided to embark on our own little business venture...Lagniappe Candle Company! 100% handmade paraffin wax blend candles, homemade chocolates, spa essentials, gift baskets, and more!! We have lots of scent/color/container options to choose from:

10 oz. Apothecary with Lid, $9.00

3.5 oz. Glass Straight-sided Votive, $4.00

8 oz. Tin with Lid, $8.00

We are also offering a 6-pack of votives with scents of your choosing for $22.00.

Available Scents: Spiced Vanilla, Baby Powder, Amaretto (my personal fave!), Angel's Whisper, White Tea & Ginger, Coconut & Lime Verbena, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Lavender & Vanilla, Gardenia, Bird of Paradise, Hawaiian Pineapple, Lemon Verbena, Honeysuckle
Delayed Scents**: Dreamsicle, Irish Cream, Hazelnut Biscotti
Colors: You can have any candle in any color you wish at no extra charge. If you would like multiple colors (vertical stripes, horizontal stripe, marbled, or chunked) there will be an extra $1.00 charge.
Additional Containers: If you have a glass container in your possession that you would like to have made into a candle receptacle, we can handle this request for you. The cost is $1.00 per ounce of scented candle wax used in the candle.

**Delayed scents will be arriving in 10 days, and at that time will be available for candle-making and delivery.

Last, but not least, lots of love to Jane for creating this awesome logo!! We love it!
If you have any questions, would like to place an order, or would like to see/smell samples, feel free to email us at or give me a call, or leave a comment!


BRENTandROBIN said...

How cool Erin! This is a big deal and i hope you guys are successful. Congrats!!!

Jad Smith said...

I came across your blog, it's really so informative. I would like to say one thing that the candle making transform is easy to rise if you occupy your abstraction and read from your mistakes. Thanks for sharing.