Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zeppoli and Strawberries

Zeppoli are my new favorite thing.  Don't know what they are?  If you have an Olive Garden near you, go find out!!  According to their menu, they are "Soft, traditional Italian doughnuts dusted with powdered sugar, served with chocolate sauce for dipping."  I have a better definition...HEAVEN!  Daniel and I went to Olive Garden with my sister and brother-in-law last night and got some zeppoli to bring home for dessert...because I am obsessed.  Between last night and today around noon, I ate them all--by myself.  I didn't even share with Daniel, much less Adam or my sis or BIL.  I know what you are could you eat all that by yourself?!?!  TRY THEM!  That sweet, doughy goodness is just as good the next day! Diet = in the trash, Zeppoli = in my tummy = pure bliss!!!  Anyway, I scarfed them down so fast, that I barely used any of the chocolate sauce...but don't worry!  I put that stuff to good use with the LOUISIANA strawberries I bought today.

Disclaimer:  These heavenly nuggets are quite addictive...We have ordered them twice, and Adam has yet to taste of their yummy goodness.  You have been warned!


Jenn said...

I'm sure they are fat free too :) Looks awesome. I might have to go to Olive Garden for these!

Victoria said...

I was JUST reading about these things!!
They look too good; My friends and I are going to Olive Garden and I was a bit skimpy about trying them at first but now, I will for sure be getting an order of "heaven"