Tuesday, November 4, 2008


(Adam's first post)
It's basically a done deal. The communists is going to win the presidency. America allowed the Gadiantan Robbers to take control of congress, and now the stupids are giving the presidency to the front-man of the secret combination. The Republicans are reaping what they sowed by nominating a democrat in disguise. Unfortunately, because of it the good people of this nation are going to pay the price. It is going to take a generation to fix the problems the next four years are going to create. Fortunately, I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. The Republican Party is going to return to its conservative roots. In two years there will be a referendum nationwide that returns the Congress to an overwhelming conservative majority. In four years, the Republican Party is going to be intelligent enough to nominate an up-and-coming, ultra-conservative candidate such as Bobby Jindal (LA's governor). In the election four years from now, Obama will lose in a landslide worse than Jimmy Carter's loss to Ronald Reagan.


At Home with Mike and Adrienne... said...

I totally agree! Nice to see all those student loans to law school paying off! We miss you guys, hope to see you soon...and YES we got you text...we both went to vote of course (NOT FOR OBAMA)!

Kathy said...

I say: YES to Bobby Jindel!!!!!!!